Let’s Eat for Business

ROShopper Let's Eat for Business

Exact Traffic vice General Traffic
   ROShopper gives free basic listings and menus when provided by the eateries for each eatery we find through various online sources. Then we call and confirm the listing. Unlike most websites on the web that are getting traffic, we target our traffic very specifically. Let's Eat App and website users are Looking for what eateries are open and take a look at the associated menu. The perfect analogy is a user seeing a billboard on the highway (Most websites with traffic) or a user looking in a display case in your store (Let's Eat websites)! The point is our traffic is much much more valuable as you have a user who is looking for an eatery to serve them Right Now. Ask yourself which you would prefer 1,000 Billboard reads or 10 in store display case users? It's an easy answer and why our traffic numbers are 100 times more valuable than most websites.

Differences between ROShopper Let's Eat and other Eatery Listing Websites
   Yelp, Zomato, Trip Advisor et al are all "Top Down" (see Top Down explanation below) websites and depend on users to get information. Oft times completely wrong or inaccurate information. ROShopper Let's Eat pages are driven by our staff collecting proper information for eateries. Think about this, a Yelp or Zomato user posts about their eatery experience they had after they ate and therefore are not looking for a place to eat but to report on it afterwards!
   Top Down means they build the websites nationally and let users et al fill in the blanks for them. ROShopper Is Bottom Up where we fill in the blanks and build our websites using our own research. A very different approach that will obviously yield better results.

We Call every 60-90 days 
   We have found that eateries change their hours regularly prompting us to believe, "The only accurate eatery hours are posted on their door!" We call eateries and get their information regularly. In our systems we have found certain eateries change hours pretty regularly and call them back earlier to check for changes. We pride ourselves on being 3-5% inaccurate. Other websites that list eatery hours are generally 75-90% inaccurate. Check for yourself, you will be surprised. 

How we sell our products
   As with all non print media Advertising products we sell our products in Flights. Our Flight system is 12 weeks or 84 day run. Of course exceptions can be made for a special "2 week special run" etc. but as a rule we sell in 12 week cycles.

   Pricing varies based on the particular towns traffic. Again remember this traffic is shopping in-store looking in display cases!

   ROShopper Let's Eat has 3 products for sale. Here is a list of the products available with brief descriptions. See more about each product on that linked products page.
     1) Line Enhancement - Make your Eatery Name larger and in color
     2) In-Content Ads - Ads embedded on the page between eatery listings
     3) Line Adds - Easy way to get an ongoing message to your customers - and or add a picture