ROShopper About Us

ROShopper About Us

   The idea for ROShopper Let's Eat was germinated a couple of years ago when my wife and I found a KFC listing online in a local town and decided to drive over and get supper there. When we got there they were closed and we later found out they had been closed for over 2 years!

   On a whim I decided to see if this was a one time unlucky break or was this common. I honestly thought at worst the listings online would be about 10-20% inaccurate but what I found was quite the opposite with that town being only 17% accurate and 83% inaccurate! Obviously we were not the first users to have succumbed to inaccurate information all while assuming we just got unlucky. With that revelation a business was born.

ROShopper, Inc. is a Wyoming C Corporation
30 N. Gould St. Ste R
Sheridan, Wyoming  82801

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