Active Now! Philippines Area 1 Baguio and La Trinidad - Full official Launch soon!

What ROShopper Is and Does

    Our slogan at ROShopper is "Your local "Onramp" to the information superhighway". We say "Onramp" but in actuality we are an "Offramp", leading into local from the superhighway. As everyone knows as soon as you sign on to the internet you are already on the superhighway but getting the right information, especially local information is sometimes very difficult. ROShopper is designed to be that conduit for local wants and needs of local market consumers.
Our First Brand is ROShopper Let's Eat. We connect local consumers and eateries primarily through these Let's Eat pages. We offer free listing for eateries in basic font size and offer enhancements if the business desires. The Let's Eat pages offer a special tool to local and visiting viewers to see who is open now! Let's Eat come in Town Packages with the Town Main Page having all pertinent information on an eatery with it's current open status or not. Towns also have "Live" pages that only list open eateries as you check! It's a great way to make sure where you plan to eat is actually "Open" right now.
** Our free App is now available on ITunes and Google play, it's free and easy to use just search for "ROShopper Let's Eat".

ROShopper About Us

    ROShopper was created as an entity in the summer of 2014. The name ROShopper is short the partial acronym "Rural Online Shopper". Our Mission Statement - ROShopper is a series of websites designed to provide local internet traffic from which local vendors can advertise on these websites to sell their wares.
Our current primary Push into local markets is the Let's Eat Brand designed with consumers in mind to find Open Eateries. See the Let's Eat Page for more information on this project.
While our "Let's Eat" brand is the only active brand under the ROShopper Banner presently it will not be the only brand. Our overarching plans include other types of businesses that will have their own ROShopper Brand.  Those Brands will also gather unique information for you the user.
This is brand new and if you have any ideas for expansion please do not hesitate to let us know, Contact Us.

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